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The qi cycle

Have you noticed the three canvases that hang in our treatment space? Well, I drew those near the end of my first year of acupuncture school.

As I completed 10 months of training, I really wanted to give up. I wanted to quit and run off with the circus: anything other than stay at school, studying this way too complicated stuff.

Then I came across Jost Sauer’s book The Perfect Day Plan. I was so joyous (and grateful) to read a book about Chinese medicine that wasn’t 500 pages long, used words I didn’t need a thesaurus to understand and directly applied Chinese medicine to our 21st Century lifestyles.

I voraciously consumed the whole thing in two hours!

Jost’s thin paperback book profoundly affected my journey into Chinese medicine. Not only did it inspire me to stick with it, because it showed me how simple the medicine could be, Jost’s approach motivated me to translate what I was learning into illustrations or icons and leave the complicated words behind!

The Perfect Day Plan explains the Qi cycle – how our organs generate and move their respective energies in and around our bodies every 24 hours.

This is why I may ask you during treatment, what time did you wake up and not get back to sleep? Do you notice your pain more in the morning or evening? Do you feel better or worse over the course of a day? These questions help me find out what organs or meridians are out of balance, so I can assist your body to restore them.

One of the canvases on our treatment wall is a simple reminder of Jost’s book and I use it everyday to diagnose and refine treatments.

Jost’s book goes a little further – explaining how to synchronise ourselves with these subtle energy changes, so we can live in balance.

So you can imagine how super happy I was to find that Jost has just published this fantastic infographic (shown below) to give a deeper explanation on how to correlate our daily routines with our qi cycle.

In case you want to print this out and stick it to your own wall, I’ve made a printable version of Qi cycle – just download and print away. I also have a copy of Jost’s book. It’s a truly awesome read and you don’t need to know a thing about Chinese medicine to understand it. Let me know if you want to borrow it.

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