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oriental medicine options


The theories that ‘underpin’ acupuncture (pun intended) are literally amazing for restoring wellbeing and easing pain. Sally treats everything from broken toes to poor digestion. She has 9 years clinical experience and is


If you she likes to see you once or twice a week. As you improve, we’ll review what you need. You and Sally normally both ‘know’ when it’s time to change up. If Sally needs to see you twice a week – we negotiate a rate to suit us both

Movement and massage

If acupuncture isn’t your thing, Sally offers movement therapies. She can move your energy with her hands using Chinese medical massage. Or she can help you move your own energy with one-to-one yoga guidance


Excellent question. Like most excellent questions, the answer is, it depends. Ultimately, the longer you’ve been unwell, the more treatments you’ll need. If you’d like to chat more, dating sites singles

Lifestyle advice

Chinese medicine is about keeping you well. Ancient doctors were paid to prevent disease – if a patient fell ill, they’d only be paid again when their patient’s health returned. In the same approach, Sally has a wealth of knowledge to move you from surviving to thriving

on your health journey, Sally tailors treatments uniquely to you

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ACC registered acupuncturist & yoga teacher

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what people say

Sally’s open, educative approach is very unusual in my experience, but is how I feel all health care should be delivered. I feel like a real team with Sally. That motivates me to do my part and empowers me to keep going

Sian, Designer

Sally is the total package – holistic, realistic, in tune with my needs. She’s supportive, empathetic and non-judgemental. I certainly haven’t been shy in recommending Sally, so others can reap the rewards too

Cary, Personal trainer and instructor

Sally’s specialised understanding of the mind and the body, as well as her empathetic approach, gave me the hope I could actually heal. And then, after that, came the results. Sally is genuinely amazing

David, Legal counsel

where to find Sally

Well hub Level one, 82 Willis Street, Wellington 6011.

For bookings & enquiries txt Amy (Sally’s assistant) on: 021 739 644

The closest car park is Wilson parking, behind us at 80 Boulcott Street. You can easily access clinic by bus – the 5510 stop is opposite on Willbank Court and all major bus routes stop here.

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Times and costs

45 min treatments are $115.
45 min ACC treatments are $60 – please note ACC only subsidise acupuncture

How to book in

Request a booking online. If you prefer to txt then get in touch with Amy (Sally’s assistant) on: 021 739 644

Not quite there yet?

If you’d like to chat further, please txt Sally on 021 458 842. She endeavours to get back to you within 48 hours

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